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Ethan Yang Photography


Ethan's niche in photography stems from his background in film from Maryland Institute College of Art and his abiding passion for the arts. He has the ability to capture moments as if they were stills from a film.

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240.423.9045 or 240.988.8485

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Romantic Paris Wedding at Four Seasons George V

Ah, Paris, I love you. Of all the destinations, sweet Paris radiates elegance like no other. Effortlessly, too. And my proof is in Ethan Yang's breathtaking imagery today. Paired with a stunning Bride donning an Inbal Dror dress, I can't help but be mesmerized by every single shot.


Dominican Republic Wedding from Ethan Yang Photography

I think every bride and groom come to a point in their planning where they want to just whisk everyone away to a tropical locale and tie the knot with the sound of the water nearby, but, let's face it, it doesn't happen as often as the ballroom soiree. So when it does happen, holy moly do we get excited. A beautiful wedding and a fab vacation all in one (and those just so happen to be two of our favorite things). It doesn't get any better, especially when...


Modern Alexandria Wedding from Ethan Yang Photography + Bash

Who would have thought an actual bit of a dried up bee hive would make for fabulous wedding decor? I shouldn't have been surprised when I heard Beehive Events was behind that fantastic detail. And because they teamed up with Bash to perfect this modern piece of wedded perfection, I definitely should have been expecting a phenomenal soiree. And I was. But after seeing...


Wrap It Up Pretty Little Black Book!

Again we find ourselves saying farewell for now, and jumping head first into our weekend. And again, I wish our week of image after gorgeous image could go on just a little bit longer. But luckily we are heading out into a fabulous Spring weekend, which I'm positive will be filled with your own kind of wedding eye candy. And as excited as I am for that, I will admit, I cannot wait until Monday morning when Bash and I get to share more of this...


Leesburg Wedding by Ethan Yang Photography

Not only is this next bride omg gorgeous, but her wedding is styled is the most perfectly and beautiful T you ever did see. From the long farm style tables adorned with the cutest display of daisies, lavender, and hydrangeas, (oh and those adorable fabric covered letters) to the DIY programs turned fans with popsicle sticks and lavender satin ribbons, to the adorable aisle attendants, this wedding is all about the sweet details.